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10EYES was founded 1998, by Torsten (guitar) and Stephan A.(Keys & Recording). Both of us made some experiences in former bands, but we've been looking for a new challenge to create something new. After a short period, we found Andi, to be the Vocal-man. With Stephan M. (Bass) and Stefan N. (Drums) the band was complete. In this line up 10eyes recorded their first Demo CD "Capitol of Irregulations" and we got a lot of positive feedback.

Unfortunately, caused by personal difficulties, Andreas joined the band for Stefan N. (Drums) and Heiko for Stephan M. (Bass).

With this line up, we recorded the second Demo CD "II" and got a lot of very good reviews. In addition to that, we performed many concerts in Germany.

In 2003, after the lead singer did quit and no other vocalist met our expectations, the band split.

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